Monday, February 17, 2020

The Conflict in Ukraine (2014-ongoing) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Conflict in Ukraine (2014-ongoing) - Essay Example The Conflict in Ukraine (2014-ongoing) is the greatest example of where the rule of the people cannot be respected by the running government. The government instead goes to the point compelling the people with the leadership they rejected (Lauren, Viola& Kathleen, 2015). Ukraine came back to full-scale war or conflict is very saddening. The fight begun in the 2014 April and has since raged numerous months to the eventual stage when the separatists and the Ukrainian government came to a ceasefire. The ceasefire has been used to prepare and reigniting of the fight mainly entailed capturing of the Donetsk airport that is a strategic symbol and asset from the government forces. The government troops have pulled out of the town that is the key transport hub as a new truce was established on 12 February in attempts to stage mediation process. The war has placed a cost of close to 5600 lives. The violence has placed up debilitating effects to the country as many civilians have been killed by rockets on the rebel side in the cities like Luhansk and Donetsk. Approximately thirty people were killed in the Maripaul, which is a port city under artillery attack. Rebels have since then besieged main roads and rail hub in areas of Debaltseve, which is the region i n which most Ukrainian military troops have their base. The Ukranian problem is equally shared in various other parts of the globe where poor electoral and leadership have resulted in rebels and mass killings. In the past few months thousands of Bangladesh workers died in one of the greatest workplace safety tragedy in ever recorded in memorable history. Nigeria, Iran, Russia and many other countries close to 80 countries have created a discriminatory environment for the LGBT persons. This case has been created by the design of policies and laws that deny the LGBT their human rights and respect to human dignity. The condition has created a

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