Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Case Study On Kentucky Fried Chicken Marketing Essay

A Case Study On Kentucky Fried Chicken Marketing Essay KFC  Corporation, based  in  Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s  most popular chicken restaurant chain.  It  primarily  sells  chicken  specializing in Original Recipe ®, Extra Crispy ®, Kentucky Grilled Chickenà ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢ and Original Recipe Strips with home-style sides, Honey BBQ Wings, and freshly made chicken sandwiches.(www.kfc.com)  KFC  was founded  by Colonel Harland D. Sandersin  1964, KFC operates restaurants in 109 countries and territories around the world.  KFC operates more than 5,200 restaurants in the United States and more than 15,000 units around the world. KFC is KFC  is  part of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants, with more than 36,000 locations around the world. The company is currently ranked 239 according to Fortune 500 List, with an excess of $11 billion revenue in 2008.( http://www.kfc.com/about/)  PRODUCTS AND SERVICES KFC’s  main  prod uct is pressure-fried  pieces of chicken made with the original recipe.  The other chicken  offering, extra crispy,  is made  out of  garlic marinade and double dipping the  chicken in flour before deep frying in a  standard industrial kitchen  set  machine.   It also serves potato chips and wedges, coleslaw, zinger burger, depending on the  international  location.(www.wikepedia.com) MISSION STATEMENT To sell food in a fast, friendly  environment that appeals to pride conscious, health minded  consumers (www.KFC.com)  KEY SUCCESS FACTORS -Quality -Service -Cleanliness satisfying  the customers’ needs. COMPETITORS KFC competitors are pizza hut, macdonalds,and dominoes. MARKETINING ANALYSIS OF KFC SEGMENTATION Market Segmentaion is a  way  by which an  organization  or  firm  divides its target market into different homogenous groups in other to identify and meet the needs of its target customers..  They are four bases of market segmentation. KFC has divided its  market  into  distinct  groups of customers to meet their needs. Geographic Segmentation KFC has over 20,000 outlets all over the world and it segments its  market  geographically by regions KFC offers different  varieties  of  chicken  depending  on tastes in a certain country.  In north  India, chicken is their primary product while in the north, vegetable is  usually  preferred to  chicken.  KFC also segments its market based on  size  of the population.  In India, KFCs outlets  are found  in urbanized areas that are densely populated.  Geographic se For  instance  In north  India, chicken is their primary product while in the north, vegetable is  typically  preferred to  chicken. Demographic segmentation In demographic segmentation, the market  is divided  into  different groups based on age, sex, nationality, income etc KFCs segments its  market  according to Age(  7-60) Sex ( Both Males and Females) Income( for  high income  earners and  average  income  earners) Also, segmentation may be based on ethnicity; an example in China, some ethnic groups in China  prefer  hot and spicy food while others like it plain.  It is  therefore  necessary to meet the needs of these clients differently if one owns a chain of restaurants in those different regions. Physograpic segmentation Psychographic segmentation refers to the use of consumer lifestyles as a  basis  for classifying ones’ customers. Since different people have different interests and activities, then such an approach would be  feasible  in marketing. In this approach, companies may  classify  their  consumer  on the basis of their values.  In Psychographic Segmentation, segments  are divided  on the basis of social class,

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